Monday, January 22, 2018

Toddlers & Nursery

Toddlers  - ages 18 months to 4 years old
We have an excellent play room for Toddlers.  This room is close by and across the hall from sanctuary. Parents can go here at any time with their children. During the message we have an excellent team that ministers to the children in Song and Faith building stories and activities. Children are also given free time to play with various toys.  Most important each child is prayed for every Sunday. 

We have a policy manual that outlines procedures for this age group. Every volunteer has to undergo a police check for the protection of the children. This includes all Pastors and staff as well as volunteers.


Nursery up to 18 months

We have a room at the back of the sanctuary with a one way glass so mothers or others can take a child to nurse or rest. We have comfortable chairs and such to make ones visit here pleasant. This room doubles during the week as an office. Thus it is not a full servicing nursery. We have change tables in the washroom for your convenience.  Babies are precious we believe in baby dedication and would love to dedicate your child – whether you attend our church or not we believe every child is God’s. We also have witnessed miraculous healings of babies of various sicknesses.


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