Monday, January 22, 2018



The Daily Prayer Covering is a warfare prayer which will cleanse a believer from any transferred or demonic influences that are susceptible to affect us on a daily basis. Though the Blood of Jesus purchased our cleansing, it is our responsibility to appropriate the power of that Blood and apply it to our daily life. This prayer is not a formula for your freedom for only the Blood of Jesus can wash you, but this prayer will give you a format and guideline to assist you on a daily basis. There are many testimonies from believers who have testified of radical differences when they pray this covering prayer on a daily basis.

To download the "Daily Prayer Covering" please click on the following link:



The House Cleansing Prayer is a warfare prayer used to spiritually cleanse your home or place of gathering.  Just as spirits are transferred from one person to another, spirits can also be transferred to your home or place of gathering from guests that visit you. There is power in proclamation and using the name of Jesus Christ. This prayer is not a formula, but as you faithfully proclamin this prayer over your home or place of gathering every time guests visit you, you will  maintain a spirituallly clean atmosphere and peace of God where you reside. 

To download the "House Cleansing Prayer" please click on the following link:


We have provided the links below for your edification, to enhance your time in the Word of the Lord. May you be blessed as you continue to seek the Lord and make use of the tools that are made available to you.

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