Monday, January 22, 2018

What to Expect



  • Casual atmosphere (Spirit Contemporary*)
  • Weekend God-encountering experiences that last approximately two hours
  • Heart provoking messages based on the Bible that are relevant and useful to your life!
  • Live worship music
  • Fun and faith-based interaction style teaching for your kids


*Spirit Contemporary is a term we use to define what our church is all about: we are culturally relevant without being spiritually irrelevant.

Regardless of where you came from and who you are, you will be welcomed at The Gathering Place! We're normal people like you, who love God and not religion. The Gathering Place is not church as usual. You don't have to come in a suit unless you want to. Come casual. We believe true worship is not about what you wear but the position of your heart before God.

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:30am and typically lasts until 12:30pm. We then have a time for prayer and prophetic ministry open to all.

Monday Night Revival!

If you are hungry for more of God and want to experience a higher level of worship and His presence, we invite you come out on Monday nights!

  • Electrifying atmosphere of His presence
  • Radical God-encounters that last approximately three hours
  • Powerful biblical messages that exhort and challenge you to take it to the next level
  • Live dynamic and anointed worship music
  • Dynamic prayer and prophetic ministry

Never again put up with or simply survive Mondays. Experience the reason to actually look forward to Mondays! Don't miss your radical encounter.

Things You Won’t Find At The Gathering Place:

What we Promise You'll Experience…

  • Religion
  • Boring messages
  • Boring music
  • Phony, plastic people
  • Confusing church lingo
  • Freedom
  • Engaging sevices to encourage you
  • Dynamic spirit-led worship
  • Real, loving people who care
  • A real God

Office Information

The Gathering Place of Aurora
210 Edward St
Aurora, ON  L4G 1W6
T: (905) 727-2900


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