Monday, January 22, 2018


We are a Spirit Contemporary church. Which means that our worship is contemporary, fresh and modern. Our worship is lively and engaging. Our focus is God’s Presence. We desire and welcome His Glory following the Tabernacle pattern established throughout scripture.

We incorporate many biblical methods that express praise and worship. These include: upbeat praise and deep worship songs. Also at times there can be dance, claps, shouts, and the use of flags and shofars (trumpets). You can tangibly sense His Joy as we worship liberally and lavishly, because He is worthy of our all our praise.


The music includes a broad range of styles and genres and is usually presented as a 'continuous' flow. This part of the service often includes prophetic words, prophetic and/or spontaneous song, and, as Holy Spirit leads, can also include spontaneous healings and times of personal ministry. Our worship is approximately forty five minutes, sometimes longer. Watch one of our recorded services to get a sense of worship experience.

Not only do we understand that, as we worship, we are focusing on ministering to the Lord, but we also realize our time spent in authentic worship helps prepare our hearts to receive the Word.


Our Worship Leaders

We have various regular and occasional worship leaders and teams that visit us. They include:

•   Helena Kameka
•   Bill and Donna Ballantyne
...and many others from Eagle Worldwide Ministries have come - and we have been blessed.
Even Pastor John leads worship occasionally.

Come Experience His Glory. You will be forever changed.



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