Monday, January 22, 2018


Here are some amazing testimonies from our friends here at The Gathering Place!


Pastor Jeff Beamish from Orillia – testimony of a healed shoulder

"Four the last 3 months I have had sever pain in my left shoulder. I've seen the doctor twice, one of them for an injection of medicine in to this shoulder that didn't work. The doctor told me the only thing I could do at this point was physiotherapy. I was in so much pain that I thought only surgery or God could heal me. I could not reach or extend my left arm, reach behind my back or lift my arm above my head, any small movements quickly drove this area to such pain I would weep. I saw this post on Facebook about healing that Pastor Patty posted. (Pastor John Irving (The Gathering Place in Aurora) will be at Caleb's place with Pastors Mark and Wendy Wigston. P John has seen The Lord perform tremendous physical healings and speak through him words of knowledge.) Actually I was just about to leave Facebook when it was posted. I was curious because I was tagged in it. I said to my wife Karen that I would like to go maybe God would heal my shoulder. On the way I said "God you know my heart and I need to know if you would heal me." I was looking for a "sign" Pastor John said God told him tonight that God was going to heal shoulders. I responded with joy-I new that was my sign. I went up for prayer and was HEALED. I am going to Pastor Johns church this Monday at 7pm. If I have a chance to talk about what happened in the process of prayer I will. I know our God can heal I'm so excited and filled with Love and joy for Jesus that he would help me. I have not felt any severe pain since and nothing during my sleep last night. I'm still in awe "How can God do this?" Because is is our creator and loves me!!! I'm so thankful. And to top this I received a word about our church at the same time from his team. WOW! Pastor Jeff"



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